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“A Christmas Carol Askew … May The Fourth Be With You!”

A Christmas Carol - Askew - May The Fourth Be With You | Big Bear Theatre Project

“A Christmas Carol Askew …
… May The Fourth Be With You!

Thursday, Dec 17th – Sunday, Dec 20th

The Big Bear Theatre Project never learns … so we’re doing it again!

BBTP proudly presents “A Christmas Carol Askew … May The Fourth Be With You!” at The Historic Chapel at Community Church Big Bear, Big Bear Lake, with evening performances opening on Thursday, Dec 17th at 7:30 PM, and running through Saturday, Dec 20th. There will be a matinee performance on Sunday, Dec 20th.

“A Christmas Carol Askew … May The Fourth Be With You!” is an original, “Panto”-style creation from the fertile minds of Steve Cassling, Ty Warren, and Brian Adams who also comprise the cast and play all the parts. Since they’ve been such a hit in their own minds the last three years … we’ve decided to give them one more chance to get it right!

A Christmas Carol Askew - Redo | Big Bear Theatre Project

Bring The Family … And Your Funny Bone!

Join us at any of the performances … Dec 17th-20th … for a rollicking good time! This is perfect Holiday Fun for the entire family!

Tickets are available through at No Name Pizza at 909-585-4840, or through the Community Church Big Bear at 909-866-7523.

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501 c-3 – feature

It’s Official … BBTP Is Officially A “501(c)(3)”!

The Big Bear Theatre Project
Comes Of Age

“501(c)(3) Status Is Official!

Big Bear Theatre Project
The Big Bear Theatre Project is proud to announce that we have received Final Approval as a Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) certified organization. What a great feeling to take this next step in our journey.

According to the 501(C)(3) Foundation Group, being “501(c)(3)” means that a particular nonprofit organization has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt, charitable organization. This is based on many different categories of qualification, but the upshot of the whole thing is simple: if you enjoy the programs we put on here in Big Bear Valley … if you appreciate the kind of quality theatre we’re quickly becoming known for … if you like and anticipate our plans for the future and you’d like to support us in our mission … then YOU can donate to the Big Bear Theatre Group … and YOU can then deduct your donation from your taxes as a “Charitable Donation”.


We have a lot of plans for the future … and the future of theatre here in our lovely Big Bear community. It’s our intent to bring to the residents and visitors here in Big Bear a wide-ranging variety of quality theatre, with a special outreach to young people. Right now we’re just beginning rehearsals for “13 – A New Musical”, an edgy, hilarious, poignant, and topical take on what it means to grow up in your teens these days. The entire cast is made up of talented and dedicated young people from right here in Big Bear Valley. If you want to see what the young people of today are capable of, you need do nothing more than attend that coming performance.

All that said, we also intend to bring to you a purposefully eclectic array of theatre, from the classics to the modern, from hilarious comedies to searing, envelope-pushing dramas. The Big Bear Theatre Project is “not foolin’ around”, and we are going to do it all right here in our lovely home of Big Bear valley.

You can be a part of all this. “Angels” are a centuries old tradition in theatre. An Angel is someone who, simply for the love of theatre, supports the theatre of their choice. So … back to the 501(c)(3) designation. As we said before, should you choose to support the Big Bear Theatre Project in a financial way, from now on you’ll be receiving a tax deduction every time you do.

We’re proud to be here. And, for all of us, there is nowhere else we’d rather be “plying our trade”. It is our sincere wish that our efforts meet with your approval, and we invite you to join with us to help make good, quality theatre one of the reasons people come to Big Bear.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to the Big Bear Theatre Project, you can do so by contacting us at 909-310-266-6737, or simply email us with your contact information at info@bigbeartheatreproject.com, and we’ll arrange everything.

By the way … keep your eyes open for coming shows! “13 A New Musical” is coming up in October, and we hope to see you there! But … a donation of money is not the only way you can help! We’re always looking for folks who would like to contribute by building sets, collecting props, selling advertising, assisting directors … there are a million ways you can help. You can use that same contact information to volunteer in that way as well.

Thanks for your time in reading this! We look forward to marching into a GREAT theatrical future for the citizens and visitors of beautiful Big Bear Lake!

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The 39 Steps – feature

Past Shows

“Past Shows”

Presented By,

The Big Bear Theatre Project

Welcome To Our Memory Center!
You Can Access Our Slide Shows Below!

The 39 Steps | Big Bear Theatre Project

“The 39 Steps”

Mar-Apr 2013
See Slide Show

It's A Wonderful Life - A Live Radio Play | Big Bear Theatre Project

“It’s A Wonderful Life – A Live Radio Play”

December 2012
See Slide Show

Big Bear Theatre Project | Treasure Island - The Panto

“Treasure Island -The Panto”

August 2012
See Slide Show

Big Bear Theatre Project | Almost, Maine

“Almost, Maine”

April 2012
See Slide Show

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Big Bear Theatre Project | “Almost, Maine” Opens

Big Bear Theatre Project:
“Almost, Maine” Opens

Big Bear Theatre Project Premiere Production!

Last Friday evening, April 6, saw the well-received opening of the first production by the Big Bear Theatre Project! It was an exciting and fun evening, culminating in an enthusiastic standing ovation by the near-capacity crowd.

“Almost, Maine” is a quirky comedy exploring love and personal relationships between a group of couples living in the small town of “Almost, Maine”.There are moments of raucus laughter and moments of tears throughout this wonderfully written and marvellously entertaining piece. The Big Bear Theatre Project actors turn in professional-grade performances … since most have professional experience in their backgrounds … and altogether this is a really rewarding evening of Big Bear Theatre.

The production features an ensemble cast that includes some of the most well-known and best-loved faces in Big Bear Theatre: Diane Borcyckowski, Steve Cassling, Steve Gaghagen, Dustin Murphy, Tori Waner, and Beth Wheat (Gardner). The Production Manager for “Almost, Maine” is Brian Adams.

Enjoy this lovely slideshow of pictures taken during last Saturday’s performance and provided to us courtesy of Randall Putz.

Big Bear Theatre Project:
“Almost, Maine” In Performance!

Big Bear Theatre Project:
“Almost, Maine” Continues!

Big Bear Theatre Project wants to express our gratitude to all the folks who contributed their time, effort, and funds to make this Premiere Production a reality. We especially want to than the members of the Masonic Lodge for creating a really nice and comfortable venue in the new “Theatre 617” where “Almost, Maine” is currently playing.

“Almost, Maine” continues it’s run this coming Friday and Saturday, the 13th and 14th, as well as the following Friday and Saturday, the 20th and 21st.

The Big Bear Theatre Project, the actors, and all the crew want to invite everyone to join us for one of our remaining four performances. Seating is limited, so we do recommend at least calling and reserving your tickets to be picked up at the performance.

ADULTS – $20

Tickets Available At “NO NAME PIZZA”, 1112 W. Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear City
Phone Reservation Of Tickets Can Be Made At 909-585-4840

Further information can be found on the Home Page of this website.

The Big Bear Theatre Project is proud to be part of this opening of a new era in Big Bear theatre, and we want to invite everyone to join us and see just how professional, entertaining, and fulfilling Big Bear theatre can be. “Almost, Maine” is a great show … appealing to all ages … and we look forward to seeing you there.

Big Bear Theatre Project.

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